1Bhutan: The kingdom of thunder dragon

Indian citizens do not need a Bhutan tourist visa for a stay up to 14 days. If you’re intending to visit Bhutan, carry any of the two valid travel documents (a) Valid Indian Passport (with at least 6 months validity) and/or (b) Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. If you’re intending to drive to Bhutan by road, obtain an ‘Entry Permit’ from the Immigration Office of Royal Government of Bhutan at Phuentsholing, which is located on the Indo-Bhutan border opposite Jaigaon in West Bengal.

Bhutan is full of surprises. Bhutan is definitely not one of the usual countries. It’s one of the few remaining royal kingdoms in the world. Bhutan is famous for its Tiger nest monastery in Paro. Paro, Punakha, Thimphu are the major tourist cities.

2Hong Kong: The pearl of the Orient sea

Indian citizens travelling to Hong Kong must apply for and successfully complete online pre-arrival registration before enjoying the current 14-day visa-free visit. Each pre-arrival registration is valid for 6 months or until the expiry of the linked Indian passport. Indians who are enrolled for e-Channel service for frequent visitors are exempted from the pre-arrival registration.

Hong Kong boasts several tourist attractions like the world famous Disneyland, Ocean Park, Po-Lin Monastery which showcases the ‘Giant Buddha’ on the mountains. Climb a fleet of 268 steps which we climbed to view this remarkable statue and to enjoy the sweeping mountain and sea while you are on the cable car and river cruise on Victoria.

3Indonesia: The emerald of the equator

Visa on arrival for 30 days is available for Indian citizens for only US$ 25. Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay and confirmed return tickets are necessary. Do ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and has at least one blank page for visa stamp.

Animal safari and botanical garden are a must see in Bogor in Jakarta, the water world in the museum are a great experience.

4Sri Lanka: The forgotten kingdom

Indian citizens can obtain a visa on arrival by paying a fee of US$ 25 for a stay up to 30 days. A confirmed return ticket within 30 days and a valid hotel booking for at least a day are absolutely necessary. 

Sri Lanka had everything we needed to make our holiday one to remember – the pristine beaches, clear blue waters, stunning mountains and absolutely delicious food. There is little I can say to describe how we felt in the waters – the beautiful marine life, the colorful schools of fish, squids, even a seahorse decorated the stunning coral reefs and how!

5Thailand: The land of smiles

US$ 35, a return flight ticket and a minimum of 10,000 baht per person is mandatory for Visa on arrival for Indian in Thailand. 

Wonderful Beaches, Nightlife, Massage, Country amid beautiful nature, what else you need. Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket – Places you must travel. Amazing land, people, and country. You will find tourists from every corner of the world!

6Cambodia: The realm of gods

Indian travellers can obtain a Visa on Arrival for a maximum of 30 days. All you need is US$ 20, 1 passport photo, money to cover your stay and confirmed return flight tickets.

One of the best locations for travellers. The temples in Siem Reap are just wonderful and so are people.

7Jordan: Of cities lost and found

Visa on Arrival for Indians costs around US$ 30, a minimum of US$ 1000 (or equivalent) to cover stay and a confirmed return flight tickets are mandatory. Indian’s entering or exiting Jordan from Aqaba, along the Red Sea are granted a 1-month visa for free.

Both in terms of natural beauty and architecture, Petra is mesmerizing. Tall red rocks which have been cut into monasteries, churches, and tombs. After this amazing wonder, there is something that everyone on this earth must do, take a dip in the Dead Sea before it dries up!

8Nepal: The Himalayan nation

A single entry Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens is valid for a maximum of 150 days in Nepal. Acceptable documents to carry for identification are Indian passport, Indian driving license, ration card or Voter ID issued by the government of India.

Nepal is the perfect mixture of nature and peaceful people. I found in this country the balance between adventure and contemplation, where time stops but the music continuous. If you want to go to an unforgettable place, try Marpha.

9Seychelles: Tropical paradise

Seychelles is a visa-free country meaning that there are no visa requirements for any person wishing to travel to this country. All you need is a valid passport, confirmed return ticket, a minimum US$ 150 per person per day and proof of accommodation during your stay.

If you have not seen Seychelles yet, you’ve missed something called ‘Heaven on Earth’. Seychelles – a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean is a haven for tourists, particularly newlyweds. With its lush greenery, crystal clear turquoise waters & amazing Creole cuisine, one can feel like they’re in paradise.

10Macau: The Las Vegas of Asia

Visa on Arrival is free for Indian citizens, for a maximum of 30 days. Sufficient proof of funds to cover your stay and a return ticket are a must though.

Macau is Asia’s Vegas. The grand theme hotels like Venetian, casinos on Cotai strip, upcoming Eiffel tower replica in the Venetian complex – all these and much more make Macau a destination in itself. The other attraction here is the Macau Tower which boasts of having the highest bungee jumping in the world. The gondola ride in Venetian is also a very good experience with all the artificial blue skies etc.


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