Smart Lock

Smart Lock - Tech KalakaarWe all are very much aware about the features to unlock smartphones in android. We always use Pattern Locks or PIN or Password as one of the option to lock/unlock our smartphone. Nowadays we also fingerprint sensor as the quickest way to unlock our smartphone.

Google introduced new multiple security feature with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop known as Smart Lock. There 5 smart features in smart lock which are On-body Detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, Trusted face and Trusted voice.

Let’s get into details of each smart lock options.

On-body Detection

It is very difficult to keep unlocking your phone while using any app which lets your smartphone to go to sleep mode. To avoid this we need to keep tapping on the screen or we prefer to increase the sleep time of the smartphone.

On-body Detection

Using on-body detection smart lock we can avoid such issues because it uses sensors of the smartphone to sense if the device is with you. The device gets locked automatically once you put down the device.

Trusted Places

Trusted Place

All we need to do is add a trusted place in this feature. The feature uses GPS to detect our current location. Using GPS, the device matches your current location with the trusted location as and when new location is detected. Only drawback of using this feature is that it could uses too much battery and mobile data too.

Trusted Devices

Trusted Device

We all are very much aware about smartwatches with many unique features. One of the trusted device which could be used to unlock your smartphone could be a smartwatch. All you need to do is add this device in your smart lock trusted device option. This is done using Bluetooth technology or NFC technology whichever is easy to use and configure the device.

Trusted Face

Trusted FaceTrusted face is sometimes good option to unlock your smartphone compare to pattern lock/PIN/Password. This is because people can social engineer your pattern/PIN/Password and use it later in your absence to unlock your smartphone. But this option has its own drawbacks, as it becomes difficult to recognise face in low light conditions.

Trusted Voice

Trusted voice feature works with the phrase “Ok Google” which is used to activate Google Assistant and Google Now. You can also use this feature to unlock your smartphone from sleep.

Trusted Voice - Ok Google

To set up trusted voice all you need to do is Tap on From Any Screen toggle option and follow the steps. Then it will ask you to say “Ok Google” 3 times. Later you can use the Retrain voice model to improve your Ok Google detection.


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