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Buy Jio Coin Online: Know Everything Here

Jio Coin

A lot of people are investing in the new age Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and alt coins.You should know in depth about these cryptocurrencies, as they are now investing crores in Digital Currency. In this article, we will talk about everything that you need to know about the JIO Coin.

Reliance Jio had announced that they will come up with their own cryptocurrency because it will soon become the hot stuff in the areas of popular options of cryptocurrencies. This mega project will be unveiled by Akash Ambani. He is the son of Mukesh Ambani. Reports suggest that a team of around 50 people is working on the blockchain technology in order to work on the creation of Jio Coins. This blockchain technology is a popular functionality, which is used to protect the transactions from the hackers. It also assures safety for the digital wallets that use the coins. The company further plans to use the Jio coins for some supply chain management logistics.

The whole world has taken interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, Ethereum, and so on. Indians too have shown tremendous interest in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Bitcoin Prices have shot up to 20,000$ in 2 months, making cryptocurrencies the most trending investment of today’s generation. Undoubtedly, JIO Coin Price will be priced lesser before listing. i.e JIO Coin ICO Price.

Jio Coin ICO

We don’t have an official announcement on Jio Coin and its ICO as of now. But according to the popular rumors from various sources regarding this topic, it is expected that JIO coin will come out with an expected price tag of 1$, which approximately sums to INR 64.

Launch Date JIO Coin

According to sources, JIO Coin ICO will be released in the month of February 2018. Yet, there hasn’t been any official announcements about the launch date for Jio Coins.

How To Buy JIO Coin Online In India With INR & USD?

Sources state that this Coin will be available for sale from the official app of MyJio. Or the company might develop a separate app this purpose as it requires a lot of safety concerns. For the initial period, you may purchase the Jio Coins from the MyJIO app during the unveiling phase. But later, you can purchase it on exchanges like Koinex, and so on.

Did you know: Amazon may soon enough Utilize the Ripple (XRP) technology

Ripple (XRP) is all set to quickly become an institutionalized currency. Therefore, Ripple is no more just an altcoin of sorts. This currency is on the steps of becoming legitimized by major financial institutions as well. Just in the previous week, Ripple suffered a radical, compelling rally. And due to this, the currency is now the second-most-valuable crypto-coin on the markets worldwide, of course only after Bitcoin. The currency Ripple has now gone to recouped Ethereum (ETH). And back then, ETH was the second-most-valuable crypto-coin. It is now in the third place.
A lot of people are speculating that it won’t take long until Ripple goes on to become even more rooted in our current economy. So now, the question is how much more time until cryptocurrency is globally accepted on each and every ecommerce platform?
Coming to the E-commerce beasts, they are slowly – but certainly– grasping the cryptocurrency. The question of importance is that what will Amazon, the biggest e-commerce player, do about the rising power of digital currency? Will Amazon accept any form of cryptocurrency? And even if it does, when will it begin doing so?
With XRP being the second-most valuable crypto-coin worldwide, it’s only logical to assume that Amazon will somehow incorporate it into its retail model. It may even be chosen over Bitcoin (BTC).
Following are some of the reasons why Amazon might consider adapting Ripple (XRP) as a part of exchange medium, when the giant company finally decides to accept the blockchain technology:
Corporate beasts and banks have already started accepting Ripple’s Technology. The platform that Ripple functions on is one of the strongest of its kind. Ripple Coins are comparatively cheaper. Plus the availability of Ripple is also pretty high
Ripple (XRP) has already hit the mainstream market.

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