COMIO the emerging smartphone brand has rolled out a new digital film to celebrate the launch of S1 Lite and C2 Lite. The film is shot based on the sentiments of today’s youth and the ability of the youth to change everything that digs them, from a personal relationship to career choices.

Young youth are building their own future and careers on their own and COMIO has done complete research on what today’s youth needs. The newly launched S1 Lite and C1 Lite have been created “by the youth, for the youth” and the film appropriately matches the youth in a decent way. Through the digital film, COMIO aims to support the youth and encourage them to dream big.

“COMIO is building its brand around the youth, with both its products and communication reflecting their needs, wants, beliefs and attitudes. So much so, that the recently launched models have been created after taking extensive feedback from them. We understand that the young Indians are unwilling to compromise their freedom and individuality- anyone or anything that stands in their way is rejected, demolished or changed for good.” – Mr. Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer.

The film theme is that COMIO does not take the youth lightly and seriously considers their feedback in designing their products. We understand the youth of India and believe that they have the power and might to guide consumer preferences. Dedicated to India’s youth, COMIO thrives on its ability to constantly innovate and challenge market dynamics.


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