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Austrian Court Ordered Facebook To Remove Hate Post

facebook - Austrian Court

Austrian court ordered Facebook to remove any hate post from Facebook which are non-relevant for society. Facebook will soon reach its user base to 2 billion mark and with its growth Facebook received such order from Austrian Court. Austrian court ruled it that Facebook must removed the post worldwide and not only in Austria.

One of the Austrian Political Party known as Austria’s Green Party brought this issue to court. The Austria’s Green party leader Eva Glawischnig was insulted on social network as “rotten traitor” and a “corrupt tramp” by the fake profile.

A report from reuters states that Europe legislation are in process of forcing Facebook, Twitter, Google and Other social networks to remove hate post.

A plan was approved by Germany’s cabinet last month to charge up to 50 million euros to social networks if they fail to remove such hate post.

Austrian Green Party also says that Facebook didn’t remove the post even after repeated requests were made by the party. The party believes to get into this case more stronger at Austria’s highest court as they demand to remove similar post and not just identical post. They also demands Facebook to identify the fake profile which publishes such hate post.

In India, Varanasi government passed a law similar, where any whatsapp user sharing any hate post which hurts the religious sentiments, must be put in jail.

“Facebook must put up with the accusation that it is the world’s biggest platform for hate and that it is doing nothing against this,” said Green parliamentarian Dieter Brosz.

Mark Zuckerberg Said

Mark Zuckerberg - Austrian Court

Hate speech has no place on the platform and the company has published a policy paper on how it wants to work against false news.

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