Galaxy X

Samsung has been rumoured to be working on foldable smartphone for years. Samsung’s long-time rumoured foldable smartphone may be announced as Galaxy X moniker. If this turns out to be true then it will be a new tech trademark. We could possibly see commercial of Samsung’s foldable smartphone by the end of this year, reports says.

Initially the company showcased the smartphone in a private room with a target to receive direct feedback from the attendees. Reports also states that selected users feedback will be used as a way to analyse the demand of the smartphone in the market. Samsung display was reported to be introduced to selected audience at the MWC 2017 trade show. Possibility is that Samsung might showcase both in-foldable and out-foldable product. In-foldable to bend inwardly like book and out-foldable to bend outwardly.

The company is also rumoured to start small production of its first foldable smartphone with flexible AMOLED display in Q4 2017. This rumour was initially posted on a twitter account of user.


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