Google maps new feature is all what you need to know about. Google Maps “List” feature lets you create a sack of all your favourite places which you visit. It seems to be kind of social network as it allows to share your place with friends, family, colleagues, etc, Google Maps List lets you follow your friend’s marked places. Also allows you to send your friends your location via sharing mediums.

Google Map List FeatureVisitors or local mass can easily find location of nearest Hospital’s, Restaurant’s, ATM’s, Cafe’s etc. This new update is available for both Android and iOS. As we know private taxi driver have made the most use of Google Maps to reach to their destination, Google’s efforts has made it more useful for private taxi companies like Uber, Ola, etc.

Sharing Is Caring just saying but google’s sharing feature is one of the best functionality which every users needed. You can share your location with friends and family which helps them to know your exact location if in any case they need to know about your location. This is the most useful source to check for traffic in peak time for all service peoples.

Google is all set to get all data more personalized from users as we all love to share our updates on social networks. Google local guide has help people learn more about its functionality by adding places on maps. It also lets users to be a guide on map and earn points on every activity which they perform on map. Every guide gets some reward points for every activity they do and helps them increase their level on it.

How to add new location to list?

Users have to navigate to it in the Google Maps app and tap the “Save” button to choose from a collection of pre-set lists, or users can create their own custom lists. In the left-handed menu on the app, “Your places” will have all the lists saved in Google Maps


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