WhatsApp has come up with a new update which is similar to SnapChat. WhatsApp’s new update adds a new tab in the application known as Status. In status tab, users can update their status using pictures, videos, emoji’s and GIF’s. This is very much similar to SnapChat, isn’t it?

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook 2 years back for an amount of 19 billion. Facebook’s Messenger app could have also entered this competition but this didn’t happen. Because if we see at the number of active users on Messenger app are lesser than WhatsApp. But the latest update of WhatsApp clears it that it going to be tough for SnapChat. This update will be available on iOS and Android.

Recently we have seen few of the best updates in WhatsApp. This updates includes Tagging a user in a group message, Read Receipts, WhatsApp on Web, end-to-end encryption. Now WhatsApp has come up with Status update where users can have a creative Status like SnapChat.


The new Status update allow users to add photos, videos, GIF’s Emojis and Sketches. User can also add Text message as a status which will appear at the bottom. This text message is also end-to-end encrypted. We can share entire day story to our friends and family for a duration of 45 seconds.


Once the status is created, user can control who can see your updated status by changing it from Privacy Setting. In android users can find three options My Contacts, My Contacts except, only share with. You can also send specific content to selected users via private chat message. User can also check who all has viewed their status.

WhatsApp is having more than 1 billion monthly users and almost about 60 billion messages are shared daily. As per bloomberg analysis, this 60 billion message includes 3 billion photos, 750 million videos and 80 million GIFs. Based on this analysis, SnapChat really needs to come up with something more interesting. SnapChat has already dropped a 82% of its user since 2016.


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